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eco-made offers a custom branded eco-amp specifically designed for your company or charity.

A custom branded eco-amp is a great idea for promotional or marketing events, charity fund-raisers, or a unique gift for clients or employees. Please click here for more info!

It’s finally here! The eco-amp for iPad!

eco-made is excited to announce the eco-amp for iPad, the follow up to our debut product, the eco-amp for iPhone. The eco-amp for iPad is a paper amplifier, that when attached to the back of an iPad, enhances the speaker for a superior listening experience. Of course, the eco-amp for iPad is made in the USA with 100% post-consumer fiber paper!

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The eco-amp for iPad is compatible with most smart phones and tablets! Here’s a list of compatible devices: Apple iPad Air®, Apple iPad®, Apple iPhone®, Apple iPad Mini®, Samsung Galaxy S®, Samsung Galaxy Note®, Samsung Galaxy Tab®, Amazon Kindle Fire®, Google Nexus®, Microsoft Surface®, Motorola Moto X®, Sony Xperia®, and most other Android devices!

Introducing the redesigned eco-amp 2.0!

The eco-amp  is an environmentally friendly iPhone speaker amplifier, cut from paper made with 100% green electricity and 100% post-consumer recycled fibers. The eco-amp 2.0 now accommodates most cases, uses interlocking tabs instead of adhesives, and features 24 different patterned options!

The eco-amp 2.0

Where it works…

The eco-amp can be used in your home, office or on the go. It requires no batteries or power. It is simply 100% recycled paper, that when assembled, slides onto the end of your iPhone to amplify your speaker. The newly released eco-amp 2.0 can assemble and disassemble for travel and reuse.

the ecoamp iPhone speaker amplifier

Back to the most basic materials.

Simple design and materials come together to create the eco-amp. Made out of 100% Post Consumer Fiber paper, the eco-amp enhances our personal environments, while having minimal effect on the environment at large.  The eco-amp is manufactured in the USA to contribute to the local economy and to have a minimal carbon footprint.

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