eco-made is about creating life-enhancing products in an earth-friendly way.

eco-made was founded in Los Angeles, CA in 2012, with the intent to create compelling products that have minimal impact on the environment. eco-made strives to develop new ideas and products that enhance technology and the world we live in with smart design and simple materials.

Designed in Los Angeles. Made in Los Angeles. Keeping the whole world in mind. ENHANCE YOUR ENVIRONMENT.

In order to have minimal impact on the environment, eco-made uses materials that are either made out of 100% recycled materials or are 100% recyclable. eco-made manufactures their products locally in Los Angeles, which gives work to local businesses versus businesses overseas.

With innovative design and choosing environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing, eco-made seeks to enhance not just our personal environments, but the environment at large.

eco-amp 2.0 – Diamonds – Brown & Teal